HygroPlus Box :
Control the hygrometry of your wine cabinet.

HygroPlus 4

The HygroPlus Box has been developed to allow you to maintain an optimum rate of hygrometry according to your needs. Especially recommended for long-term storage of bottles.

The system is compact and easy to use. Simply wet the lava rocks to increase the relative humidity of the wine cabinet. It consists of a solid wood box, a removable plastic tray and natural lava stones.

HygroPlus 2

The HygroPlus Box is placed directly on a shelf of your wine cabinet and is compatible with all models. It is recommended to replace the lava stones every 3 years to ensure optimum efficiency.

HygroPlus 1

The HygroPlus Box exists in two models : HPB25, HPB30.

Dimensions :
Model HPB25 : L. 25.0 x D. 10.0 X H. 7.0 cm
Model HPB30 : L. 32.5 x D. 10.0 x H. 7.0 cm


Active coal-based filter :
The surrounding smells can weaken wines during a long-term storage. An inlet of fresh air by the active coal-based FreshAir-filter; easy to replace guarantees an optimal quality of air.


Lava stones :
The hygrometry of cupboards can be increased according to needs thanks to the use of lava.

Pierre de lave

Wooden shelf :
The natural wooden hand-made shelf is optimal for a safe storage of your bottles. The maximum capacity is available by stocking bottles top-to-tail.


Display shelf :
Available for the presentation of great wines or for already opened bottles.

clayette-de-presentation-vinidorMetal shelf :
Metal shelf offering additional storage space.

Clayettes metal

Labeling system with clip :
The labeling system with clip allows you to quickly visualize and to manage perfectly the bottles which you store. You can slide labels in this flexible device which clips on to the shelf.