HygroPlus Box :
Control the hygrometry of your wine cabinet.


HygroPlus 4

The HygroPlus Box has been developed to allow you to maintain an optimum rate of hygrometry according to your needs. Especially recommended for long-term storage of bottles.

The system is compact and easy to use. Simply wet the lava rocks to increase the relative humidity of the wine cabinet. It consists of a solid wood box, a removable plastic tray and natural lava stones.

HygroPlus 2

The HygroPlus Box is placed directly on a shelf in your wine cabinet and is compatible with all models. It is recommended to replace the lava stones every 3 years to ensure optimum efficiency.

HygroPlus 1

The HygroPlus Box exists in two models : HPB25, HPB30.

Dimensions :
Model HPB25 : L. 25.0 x D. 10.0 X H. 7.0 cm
Model HPB30 : L. 32.5 x D. 10.0 x H. 7.0 cm